Design Exercises

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The Situation

Is creative fatigue looming over you? How about dull ideas? Today, people from design, management and frankly all throughout the company need new ways to reimagine decision making, creating thinking and possibilities.

The Solution

These design exercises were created to spark new ideas, lead to actionables and help facilitate brain storming with an individual or team.


What I Did





Creativity On-Demand

The purpose of this exercise is to measure your imagination against those that have already done what's next.


Step 1: Find an article headline for a cool new idea, product, service or activation.

Step 2: Before you read it, turn it into a question that asks you to solve it. 

Step 3: Write down as many answers, results and solutions you can come up with in 10 minutes.

Step 4: Read the article to find out what the creative teams had executed. (Did they do what you did? Something better? Newer? Or did you come up with a better solution? Did you find a new thought?

Learnings: Did you think like those creative teams, come up with better ideas or realize you need to speed up your thinking? This is how to start.



Creative Closure

More brands, entrepreneurs and leaders are so focused on starting a project, longevity and sustainability and ofter never pour in half the amount of energy thinking about the noble and compelling way to end all output. Knowing when to wrap-up and close shop. This exercise focuses on the ending of a project, idea or business. 


Step 1: What's your favorite brand, product or business? 

Step 2: Write down three reasons why you think so highly of it.

Step 3: If you were the CEO of that business, what do you think would be the perfect way to close shop? You have 10 minutes. Go.

Learnings: What have you started that needs closure? Close it.



The Madness of Choice

Have you heard of March Madness? It's a tournament bracket of 64 teams to find 1 winner. This exercise is designed to give you structure to place your ideas in and go through an interactive process of elimination. 


Step 1: Create a bracket of 8 Slots, divided in 4 sections. with 2 boxes taking on one another until there is only 1 box remaining. 

Step 2: Label each section and fill in the 8 slots with your ideas, answers or life directions. 

Step 3: Play it out. As your slots go head to head, weigh out pro's and con's - eliminate and advance until all is complete. 

Learning: The remaining idea in the box in the center is your choice. Make it.